Leveraging the Hybrid Cloud

Success with a hybrid cloud deployment results from picking the right use cases and utilizing a hybrid cloud management platform that simplifies the implementation and management of your workloads and data.

Today’s businesses must be agile in order to sense and respond to market challenges, be efficient to deliver new solutions quicker and more cost-effectively, and be flexible to adapt to ever-changing requirements. With the cloud’s promise of elasticity, economies of scale, and ubiquitous access, IT organizations of all sizes can be more responsive than ever while improving their business operations and simultaneously lowering costs.

Most organizations will need to manage both on-premise assets as well as those resident in one or more public clouds, creating a hybrid cloud environment. But in order to fully realize the public cloud’s benefits, IT departments need simple, turnkey solutions to solve specific business problems.  The current challenge with leveraging the public cloud is that while it represents a powerful and potentially less expensive alternative or augmentation to your on-premise environment, it is complex and can be more costly. Even for seemingly ideal use cases, like disaster recovery, leveraging the public cloud generally requires IT administrators to learn a new, complex toolset for their cloud implementation. The result is a slower implementation and adoption rate that ultimately leads to a delayed realization of the anticipated agility and cost benefits, as well as a solution that ultimately may not work for your business.

The key is a simplified approach to bringing these disparate tools into a unified hybrid cloud management platform that delivers a quick-start setup, active cost-avoidance technology, as well as a secure and scalable architecture.

Automated Cloud Engine (ACE)TM

OneCloud Automated Cloud Engine (ACE) is a hybrid cloud management platform that delivers a high level of automation, along with grow-as-you-go scalability, and intelligent cost-optimized operations for virtualized environments.

The OneCloud Automated Cloud Engine or ACE sits at the heart of OneCloud Software’s hybrid cloud management platform. This patent-pending architecture makes leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud easy, secure and cost-effective.

The unique aspects of the OneCloud ACE architecture include:

Auto Discovery & Set Up

OneCloud ACE is designed to automatically discover and blueprint all of the virtual machines, virtual storage, and networking topologies in your primary data center and then build out a fully secure Virtual Private Cloud environment in AWS. With ACE, you can begin protecting your infrastructure in a matter of minutes with little to no AWS expertise.

User-defined Policy Engine

Utilizing the on-premise blueprint created by OneCloud ACE, you can easily set management policies based on your specific objectives for each business application. OneCloud ACE then seamlessly translates these policies into the appropriate API calls, configuration settings and services in AWS.

Cloud-optimized Design

OneCloud ACE automates the initial implementation and ongoing maintenance of your organization’s hybrid cloud environment at the lowest possible cost. Its active cost-avoidance technology has built-in detailed knowledge of the public cloud  billing practices and automates the efficient use of compute, network and storage infrastructure resources.

On-demand Scale

As your virtual infrastructure in AWS grows, ACE scales the platform’s required on-premise and cloud virtual appliances up and down on-demand, allowing you to deploy with a small initial footprint and growing as your needs dictate. ACE ensures that SLAs are met at the lowest possible cost.

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